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    Always wanted to sail in Youghal? Well now you can. We are friendly, sociable sailing club and open to all. We're are happy to welcome you whether you're a seasoned sailor or newcomer. Come and join us sailing the wonderful Youghal bay, up the river and even further afield. 

    We often get asked the same questions by new members so we have tried to answer them here.

    Do I need to have my own sailing boat?
    It would help if you had your own sailing boat, but it's not essential. Right now the club does not have any club boats for members to use, but we hope to have at least one soon. What we do have are other friendly members and so as long as they have room for extra crew you'll be able to get out on the water as their guests during club events.

    Does the club have it own fleet of boats for members' use?
    No, not yet. We are a brand new club and don't yet have those facilities. We have had one boat donated to us and we will be making her shipshape and usable soon but always under the supervision of a trained and experienced sailor. 

    Do I  have to be able to sail?
    You don't have to be able to sail - but it would help. Everybody has to start somewhere and we want to encourage newcomers to sailing. There are courses available all over Ireland to teach sailing skills and award certificates. We hope to be able to provide them ourselves, or provide them locally so that new sailors can get certificated. And it should be noted that we are running a shore based introduction to all new sailors (and all interested members) during the spring of this year - before the sailing season begins in earnest.

    Do I  have to be able to swim?
    Being able to swim is important, you are going to be very close to the water, and if you are dinghy sailing more than likely end up in it too. So the ability to swim and confidence in the water is very import. We will insist that all younger children are swimmers.

    Do I need a life jacket to go on the water?
    Yes always. And wearing it too. Club officers will insist that all members were life-jackets when on the water, and that they are correctly sized, fastened and fiitted. Its the law, and its good sense and its our strictly enforced policy.

    What kind of life jacket do I need?
    There are a number of types of life-jacket and we will assist and advise any member of whats appropriate for their type of sailing.
    NB: Kids grow out of life-jackets quickly and we seeking donations of any unused ones so that we might offer a club swap/exchange system  

    Do I need a wet-suit?
    For dinghy sailors you'll need a good wet suit in the summer and wet/dry suit and other clothing in the spring and autumn. We can advise the full kind of kit that you will need to bring for a typical days sailing.
    NB: Kids grow out of wet-suits quickly and we are seeking donations of any unused ones so that we might offer a club swap/exchange system  

    Join us Today

    We've been asked "what does membership of Youghal Sailing Club include". We'd love to say that we've a huge clubhouse and facilities, but that's not true - not yet anyway. We are Ireland's newest sailing club and we are starting with few resources, but great enthusiasm. We are looking for equally enthusiastic members. What we will offer is a properly organised club and structured plan to get our members on the water regularly, for fun and competition. We'll provide a safety boat on organised sail days and public liability insurance. We're also planning safety and skills briefings and access to more formal training and qualifications. We'll be promoting sailing in Youghal and campaigning and fund raising for better resources. We already have an active Facebook group and the website is coming along to make sure everyone is up to date with what's going on. And we'll be doing all of this with a smile (we hope). This is a going to a friendly club, open to all.

    Annual Membership rates are:     Take advantage of our Membership Drive Discount Rates for 2016

    • Junior - under 18's (€100) Only €20 for 2016 !
    • Adults (€150)                   Only €30 for 2016 !
    • Families (€250)                Only €60 for 2016 !
    • Associates (€50). 

    Full details and application forms are below 

    Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in joining Ireland's Newest Sailing Club. Or download the application form Application Form and return it to any of the committee members.


    Parental Consent Form Parental Consent Form
    All applications for Junior membership must be accompanied with a completed Parental Consent Form from a Parent or Guardian. As this contains vital information about your children, we also require a completed form for each child listed on a Family membership.

    NB: These records are to be kept in the strictest confidence and used only as needed by officers of the club.



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