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    Minutes of the Meeting - 6th August 2015


    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club 

    7:30pm, Clancy's


    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer, Adrian Lee, Lar Lee, Joan Coyne, Edward Coyne,  Finbarr Buckley, Sinead Buckley, Shane Buckley, Jack Nolan, Jack Buttimer, Finn O’Brien, Jordan Lupton, Martin Finn, Peter from Villierstown

    PB introduced Peter to the meeting and Osaid they'd be one main topic this evening - the Blackwater Cruise

    Actions Agreed

    • JC and KB (Katie) have agreed to ferry some of the luggage to the campsite.
    • Barry Clohessey has agreed that trailers can be left in his yard during event. Jack Nolan to arrange to make room for these and boat owners to arrange for people (parents?) to move trailers there when boats are floated Saturday at 12 noon.
    • Two launch trailers will go up to Villierstown with the cars.
      Peter to arrange for 1 (or more) extra launch trailers on arrival. Boats to be hauled and left on the grass.
    • Sinead will two the caravan to site. The Caravan can take luggage, and can be used to store luggage whilst at the camp.
    • Peter confirmed that there are 3 gas barbecues on site. PB to arrange for one Yellow Gas bottle to be taken.
    • LL and Sinead B to confer and arrange for Burgers, sausages and buns, disposable plates, napkins, and condiments. We will provide a BBQ for free, but everyone is requested to make a donation to cover costs.
    • FB to take Rigiflex a one Safety boat
    • Goggy to take his boat as another
    • Villierstwon may well have a third rescue boat
    • MF will depart at about 4pm and will collect any stragglers or boats in trouble.
    • Working channel is 69, and all those with portable VHF are encouraged to have it charged up, with them, and also to be conscious of and assist other crews that may not have VHF 
    • Everyone is responsible to ensure that we have a great time and are welcomed back. We want to leave no litter and no disturbance.
    • PB will issue a No Go no later than Thursday evening if the weather really turns against us.
    • Adrian and Shane to draw up a list of all boats that are taking part
    • PB has agreed to purchase 8 pottery prizes for €200, some of these may be used for race or event prizes.
    • Timing is planned at 12 noon to 1pm start from Youghal. BBQ about 7pm. Sail back planned for 11am start on Sunday. LL will make a decision on timing for Race and run the briefing Sunday Morning.
    • PB requested that the race was to the bridge allowing a flotilla arrival back to Youghal.
    • All hands to help visitor boats from the water first.

    Next meeting Thursday 13th August at Kennys Lane to finalize all plans for the Blackwater Cruise. 



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