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    Minutes of the inaugural meeting of Youghal Sailing Club

    Minutes of the inaugural meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club

    8pm, 30th October 2014

    Attendees: Anthony White, Finbarr Buckley, Martin Finn, Shay O'Brien, Tony Lawlor, Kay Clohessy, Larry Lee. Juniors: Finn O'Brien, Edward Coyne, Jack Buttimer, Shane Buckley, Cassie Finn, Conor Clohessy, Jack Nolan, Adrian Lee


    PB: Welcomed everyone and introduced the reasons for a (new) Sailing Club in Youghal. To be an organisation for all sailors in the area, with particular emphasis on dinghy sailors, but not exclusive. To work to develop new facilities in the town for all. To provide infrastructure for organised multi-class racing, with safety boat and covered by insurance. To provide access to sailing for anyone in the town who wants to join the club, including social sailing club outings.

    PB: Also updated the meeting regarding previous meetings and an outline grant submission which has already been submitted on behalf of the club to East Cork Council. This submission included a call for immediate facilities for changing and space for storage and rigging boats, and a longer term plan for the development of a facility on the County lands at Slob Bank including parking, storage, club-house. The main thrust of this submission was favourably received and a full submission needs to be made within 5 weeks - from an active and working Sailing Club - hence the reason to meet tonight and from the club henceforth.

    Discussion followed, with general endorsement of the objectives of the club, the need for facilities and the suitability of the Slob Bank site.

    PB: Introduced some of the pro's and con's ISA membership, including their standards and the costs. It was generally agreed that ISA standards are the ones we should strive for from the outset, but that we might not apply for ISA membership until March 2015 when the club has been established.

    There was some debate about the right time to 'go public' and engage with a wider audience about the Sailing Club. It was agreed that the right time for this would be after the East Cork submission, in mid-December, when the club has already been formed, has some paid up members and has the feedback from the submission to announce.

    There was great debate about the correct level to set for membership fees. Of course this level is linked to affordability but also to what will be delivered. Right now we have no facilities although the Club itself will provide expertise and will have to provide insurance and this is estimated at over 600 euros. And there will be numerous other costs. It was agreed that 100 Euros per annum or 10 Euros per month might be around the right cost for Junior Members  -  although the actual rates would be set at the first Committee Meeting.

    PB: Also introduced the soon to be formed YMDA. The committee of this association will have representation from the Sailing Club. MF updated the meeting with some of the objectives of the YMDA (including building a marina) and recent meetings and communications with TDs regarding this.


    PB: Moved that the Sailing Club be formed and this was accepted by everyone.

    Committee members were then proposed and seconded and accepted by all as follows:

    Commodore : Patrick Buttimer

    Secretary : Martin Finn

    Treasurer: Finbarr Buckley

    Racing Secretary: Larry Lee

    Other Committee members: Tony Lawlor, Shay O’Brien, Kay Clohessey (TBC)

    At 8.59pm PB announced that the Club was formed, thanked all for his election as Commodore and announced that the first Committee meeting would be called within 10 days and that at that meeting we would fix membership fees, agree membership forms and conditions of membership (including payment methods). And that immediately after that meeting we would be looking to sign up and accept first members and fees.

    PB: To set up a Credit Union Account for the club with as many other Committee members as required.

    PB: Requested that all members consider at least one other person they could bring to the club, who would be an active member and would be happy to pay the 100 Euro (possible) fee. Feedback to Committee members regarding this level of fees.

    The meeting was closed.

    The Coast Guard was thanked for use of their meeting room, and the Club hopes to use this facility again for meetings if possible.

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