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    Meeting Minutes – 16th July 2015


    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club 

    7:30pm, Kennys Lane


    Apologies: Finbarr, Martin, Joan

    Attendees: Patrick, Adrian, Lar, Edward, Sinead, Leon, Jack (B), Shane, Jordan, Niamh


    Patrick opened the meeting and read out the following agenda:


    1.      Do we keep the club going?

    2.      Are we doing a sailing league?

    3.      Are we doing BYOB on Sat/Sun?

    4.      Ardmore Event

    5.      Blackwater Event

    6.      Website

    7.      Wayfarer

    8.      Caravan

    9.      AOB


    1.      Patrick pointed out that there had been no meeting for 7 weeks and asked the attendees if they wished to confinue with the club – All present said that they did. It was agreed that we would focus on getting on the water and letting people know we exist. It was noted that we need approx. €600 a year for insurance and other costs (Kennys Lane etc) should bring that up to near €1000 – we have €1500 in the bank and we need to ensure that we fundraise where possible. Sinead said she or Finbarr would have full financial details for the next meeting.

    2.      Adrian and Edward said that they would organize the Wed night sailing league. The following was agreed: Wed evening @ 18:55 (weather permitting), 6 nights, 2 races per night, best of 10 races. League for members only - €50 membership for new members for rest of 2015. Entry Fee of €2.50 per person per week. Races to be held close to town waterfront.

    3.      BYOB will be held on Sat or Sun – Safety boat crew to organize. Safety boat crew to be confirmed by Thurs before.

    4.      Ardmore Event: Patrick read out messages from Bill Flynn, secretary of Ardmore Boat Club asking if YSC could oversee a Dinghy race in Ardmore during the pattern festival – unfortunately we could not agree to assist due to lack of resources. Patrick agreed to inform Bill. Various members did say that they will bring their own boats to the event.

    5.      Blackwater Event is confirmed for Aug 15th. Adrian is organizing and we decided to cover the planning of the event at our next meeting

    6.      Website: Patrick pointed out to Edward, Jack (B) and Shane that they had agreed to work with Martin to update the site. They said that they would follow up  with him.

    7.      Wayfarer – It was agreed that we should launch and use the Wayfarer. Patrick offered to check with Jack (N) and Bob regarding the status of the boat. If it was ok he will launch and moor it in the Dock.

    8.      Caravan- It was discussed and agreed that time needs to be taken to position and setup the Caravan for each event and to make sure it was kept clean – all agreed.

    9.      AOB – none


    Next Meeting Thursday 23rd at 7:30pm in Kennys Lane.




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