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    Meeting Minutes - 18th November 2014

    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer, Martin Finn, Shay O'Brien, Larry Lee, Mrs Coyne, Michael Lee
    Juniors: Finn O'Brien, Edward Coyne, Jack Buttimer, Shane Buckley, Conor Clohessy, Jack Nolan, Adrian Lee

    Apologies : Finbarr Buckley



    PB Updated everyone. We now have 18 paid up members and money in the Bank. We are still negotiating the best deal for insurance to cover 3rd party damage only for Club events. All members with boats will need their own insurance and the Club must see and record the details of this. We are looking at negotiating a preferential insurance rate for Club members and for temporary membership for day guests (who will need to pay to attend a Club event).


    PB mentioned that the Club had appeared in 3 local press articles recently to get the name out. Getting more members is very important.


    PB: Said that highest priority was to prepare for a presentation to East Cork Municipal Council on 1/12/2014 to try and get funding and support for new facilities. We will go to that meeting with a single proposal - to build a new public car park and public slipway at the slob-bank and adjacent to that to lease a tarmaced area to the club that we can develop as a base with a portacabin initially and clubhouse / boat yard eventually.


    MF: commented that getting support would not be easy, and we rely on all members to try and press home a message that we need a ‘new public car park and slip at the slob-bank’. This simple message is the one that we want to repeat widely and get wide support from all groups.


    With this in mind Michael Lee was welcomed into the meeting to see if he was in support of this move in his capacity of station chief for Youghal Coast Guard. He said he was, pointing out that Youghal had no other acceptable site to recover casualties from the water - the Mall key is totally unsuitable. Michael also pointed out that now suitable helicopter landing site was now available in Youghal and that if this site could lend itself to that role he would be delighted. PB agreed to get plans amended and forwarded to Michael for his endorsement.


    FB to check whether a similar endorsement could be gained from HSE and RNLI.


    All agreed that we need to develop plans for what we are going to do in 2015, regardless of whether we have a base or not. Out kick off will be a public meeting in December/Jan and also St. Patricks Day parade which we will want to be part of.


    LL commented that training will be imperative from day one. Its clear that parents is Youghal have a fear of the sea, which we need to turn into a healthy respect. MF suggested that we look a preparing for the sea training, to make sure we have the basic covered and to offer sea safety as part of our attraction.


    PB mentioned that we have been offered an opportunity to join with TriAthlon groups on various training, which added to some Sail Aweigh training could have some of our members RYA instructor trained by this summer. This is a great life skill and will allow the club to run RYA courses. JB and AL have been tasked with investigating this, all the practicalities and costs and looking for volunteers. To report back in 2 weeks.


    We need to draw up a list of activities. Our own social sailing calendar (on a Sunday pm?) and racing and involvement in the festivals that are happening. When we add in training too this will be our agenda for the year that we’ll talk about as the benefit of membership. Action Jack Nolan and Larry Lee

    MF requested volunteers to join the marketing team looking at Facebook and Website. JB, EC and SB volunteered and MF will contact then shortly.


    PB Proposed we have another meeting w/c 24th Nov to review the proposal that will be presented to East Cork Municipal Council.


    Action all -- we need more members, more members, more members !!

    The Coast Guard was thanked for use of their meeting room, and the Club hopes to use this facility again for meetings if possible.




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