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    Meeting of Youghal Sailing Club Committee 4th November, 2014

    Meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club Committee

    4th November, 2014


    Attendees:  Patrick Buttimer, Martin finn, Finbarr Buckley, Tony Lawlor, Shay O’Brien, Anthony White, Larry Lee, Noel Muckley, Adrian Lee, Jack Nolan, Anthony White Jnr, Conor Hennessey


    Patrick Buttimer welcomed everyone. He updated them on our meeting held last night with Mary Linehan Foley on our submission to ECDG (East Cork Council).  Our submission will be submitted on Monday 1st December, at 11.00 am.  First stage of our plan is for facilities on Nealons Quay and the Budget of 50k.  Stage 2 is for an area on Slob Bank to be set aside for parking, changing facilities, and a slip.


    Patrick, Martin and Finbarr went to Youghal Credit Union and opened an account for Youghal Sailing Club.


    A Facebook page for Youghal Sailing Club is already operating, and an e-mail account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. was also set up.  Martin is currently working on a website for Youghal Sailing Club.


    A debate was held about membership fees and fundraising. People had different views on how we should fundraise. While fundraising is important, organising insurance and getting members signed up and subscriptions collected is our first priority.  A quotation of €555.00 has been received and to date is the best quote.


    Subscription Fees of:


    Junior  €100.00

    Adult   €150.00

    Family  €250.00

    Associated members €50.00


    were proposed by Finbarr Buckley and seconded by Anthony White.  These rates were adopted.


    A discussion followed the setting of subscriptions as to how much and when these would need to be paid by.


    A share membership was proposed to get the Club through until March, 2015.  All who attended were given the Treasurers number and asked to make contact with him to arrange payment of subscriptions, people were also encouraged to spread the word about Youghal Sailing Club and to try and get as many members as possible signed up before our Presentation on December 1st, 2014.


    PB spoke about application forms, data protection, constitution, terms and conditions, childrens officer, and garda vetting.  Mark Nolan is to be contacted re position of Childrens Officer.  Tony Lawlor and Shay O’Brien have agreed to assist Childrens Officer.


    LL proposed that any racing league be put off until March 2015 because of weather conditions.  A Racing League is to be organised for 2015 and all members taking part must be paid in full before March 2015.  All boats taking part in competitions must provide proof of insurance.


    A Sponsorship application form was discussed for any companies wishing to advertise on our website.


    MF has agreed to work on the website and Facebook page and was thanked in his absence for doing so.


    Youghal Sailing Club needs to get young members onboard for the 2015 season to bring the Club forward.


    The Coastguard were thanked for the use of their premises and the meeting was closed at 21.50



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