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    Why is a new slipway important across our region?

    Leisure boating is a popular pastime. Any visitor to Cork Harbour cannot fail to notice the amount of sailors and craft that are drawn to the area, they generate a lot of fun, outdoor excitement and also tourism revenues. Leisure boating is good for our citizens and our economy. We want to grow the leisure boating potential of this area; for as big as we might think it is, its dwarfed by nearby areas on the east coast of Ireland, and readily accessible areas of the UK and France.

    In the East Cork area there are only two places where you can enjoy safe inshore sailing and access to the open sea, these are Cork Harbour and Youghal. Youghal also offers direct access to almost 15 miles of navigable river sailing along the spectacular Blackwater and Bride rivers. This is a largely undiscovered area for leisure boaters with huge potential. 

    By building a new slipway in Youghal, with its attendant car and trailer parking, we are beginning our journey to develop the boating opportunities of this whole region for the benefit of the whole region. 

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