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    Why a New Public Slipway Here?

    We have suggested a detailed plan to East Cork Municipal Council which is our representative part of Cork County Council. We have taken a suggested site from an earlier plan by Aquatrek as it seems to meet every need excellently.

    Its a site that is owned by the County Council, yet its waste land which currently has little value and no defined use. Its large enough and yet has lots of room to grow and develop. This site would be perfect to support long term aspirations to develop more marine facilities and a marina.

    Its close to the town centre, just seconds away even on foot, and yet its not in the centre and the slipway will not interfere with activities and crowds in the town. Crucially the site is accessible from the N25 without coming through the town, which is great news for boat owners and tourists, but brilliant news too for our emergency services - at last they could speedily recover,  treat and/or evacuate anyone that needed to be recovered from the water.

    Its right next door to Youghal Shipping, but doesn't interfere with shipping and it even opens up new opportunities for commerce associated with boat storage, chandlery and boat servicing.



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