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    Why a New Public Slipway Now?

    It's a good question. Why should a New Public Slipway be built now?

    The answer is simple. To save money and to create most benefit.

    A new slipway would be useful immediately. And almost immediately it would start to get boaters travelling to Youghal, to explore the river the sea here and explore the town too. And we'd be publicising the slipway and inviting groups and individuals to come and sail here. The quicker its available the quicker we can draw people here to spent time and money.

    But there are cost savings too be had by building this new slipway as soon as possible. You see building on the waterside, particularly in an conservation area and area of outstanding beauty (like Youghal) is not easy. There are specific planning consents required and these take a lot of research and effort. Right now the County Council are in the fortunate position of having up to date versions of those reports available to them, as they were required to apply for permission to build the water treatment pipes. The council can save a lot of money by using the same up to date information for the New Slipway plan too.

    At least one new slipway will have to be built in Youghal in the next few years. We contend that the Council will save money and bring more benefit to the area by acting now.


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