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    Why a New Public Slipway in Youghal

    Why do we need great Access via Slipways?

    Youghal is a port, and has always been a home for boats. 30 years ago every family had a boat, though it was many used for fishing rather than leisure boating. Today leisure boating, sailing or motor boating, canoeing etc is massively popular and draws in lots of tourism revenues. In fact the revenues generated from maritime tourism are bigger than golf tourism! We are a tourist town, we rely upon tourists and need to attract more tourists to the town. 

    Sailing and Boating are life skills, just like driving. Everyone would be better skilled, and would have a great deal of fun to learn to sail or handle a boat with confidence and safety. In inland areas families and kids travel for miles to sail in ugly old quarries or crowded rivers. We have the glories of the river Blackwater and the Sea on our doorstep and we have qualified trainers too who can teach kids, and adults, how to safely enjoy themselves.

    Beyond safety training we have to help the RNLI and Coast Guard and other rescue services to do their work to keep all water users safe. The best slipways for them are wide and easily accessible and well connected to major roads.


    What's wrong with the existing Slipways in Youghal?
    30 years ago there were at least 5 Public Slipways in Youghal, today there is only 1 that can be used to launch a a dinghy - at Nealons Quay. But Nealons Quay is also the site of the major car park in Youghal, the old quaysides have been turned into car parking, coach parking and event space. This is great for the town but it means that the slipway simple cannot be used at all if the town centre is busy, or if their is an event happening. Even if you can get to the slipway there is nowhere to leave your boat trailer, or stow any clothes or get changed. Therefore on sunny days, or Event weekends you can't launch or retrieve a boat in Youghal - and yet this is exactly when you'd like to welcome more visitors to come and sail and enjoy themselves here. 

    We need a new slipway that's close to the town centre but not caught up in the one way system, and somewhere that has space to park and leave a trailer while sailing.

    Do any other groups agree that we need a New Slipway?
    Yes, Yes and Yes. We haven't met with any group so far that have said anything other than that. Among the boating community it taken a fact. But we have consulted more widely andwe've spoken with the Emergency Services, the Harbour Master, The Chamber of Tourism and Development, Youghal Socio-Economic Development Group and our local Councillors and they all agree that a New Slipway would be a major asset to the town, that it would be a great facility for Youngsters in the region and would boost our tourist visitor numbers.   


    Do Cork County Council Agree with a New Slipway in Youghal?
    Yes. In 2010 Cork County Council published its own Maritime Leisure Infrastructure Strategy for this decade. In their own report Cork County Council highlighted 3 items infrastructure that are need in Youghal and should be built with 'High Priority' - including a new Slipway and Trailer park  - exactly like the one we have proposed. This is part of Cork County Council's own strategy that we would like them to build.


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