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    Unanimous Approval for a New Slipway in Youghal

    Today Youghal Sailing Club presented a new proposal and began a new campaign to develop a new public slipway in Youghal.

    In a presentation to east Cork Municipal Council, Youghal Sailing Club made it clear that all kinds of water borne sports and tourism interests AND the emergency services are supporting their plan for the Council to create a New Slipway in Youghal. Patrick Buttimer (Commodore), Martin Finn and Finbarr Buckley presented a costed proposal and detailed plan (see below) showing that the new public slipway would be perfectly sited on Council owned waste lands besides Youghal Shipping on the start of the Slob Bank.

    The proposal was warmly received by the Council members, and was given their 'unanimous approval'. This is excellent news and reflects the general support of everyone that has viewed the proposal so far. 

    We hope to hold a public meeting soon to share the proposal widely. And to enter into discussions with Council Officers to uncover the next stages to take this proposal forward.



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