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    Meeting Minutes – 30th July 2015


    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club 

    7:30pm, Kennys Lane (Car Park)


    Apologies: Jack Nolan, Jack Buttimer, Finn O’Brien

    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer, Adrian Lee, Lar Lee, Joan Coyne, Edward Coyne,  Finbarr Buckley, Sinead Buckley, Shane Buckley


    Patrick opened in the Car Park as he had forgotten the key.


    Items Discussed:


    1.      Summer League – due to ongoing issues and low turnouts we have decided to move the league to the weekends from Wed.

    2.      Safety Boat – It has been agreed that Finbarr will ask Gavin Tivey for use of the Ridgy for all YSC events and the Blackwater Cruise.

    3.      Website – Edward and Shane will ask Martin to give them access in order to update the website – especially for the Blackwater Cruise

    4.      Wayfarer – Patrick and Finbarr will moor the boat outside Harveys Dock on Saturday.

    5.      Blackwater Cruise:

    a.       Joan Coyne and Katie Buttimer will provide to participants between Youghal and Villierstown.

    b.      Finbarr will ask Barry Clohessy if boat trailers can be stored in his yard.

    c.       The YSC caravan will be left in Nealons quay for the duration of the event to store covers etc.

    d.      Patrick will ask Clancys for access to the downstairs area next Thursday for a meeting on the Blackwater Cruise

    e.       Adrian will invite Villierstown boat club representatives to a meeting in Clancys next Thurs 6th to discuss the Blackwater Cruise

    f.        Patrick will invite Ardmore boat club representatives to a meeting in Clancys next Thurs 6th to discuss the Blackwater Cruise

    g.       Patrick will check out costs for a Pig on a Spit.

    h.      Adrian will invite members of the Mirror Sailing club to the Blackwater Cruise.

    i.         Adrian updated the Facebook post about the Blackwater Cruise to include a statement that all boats must have insurance.

    j.         Adrian, Finbarr to meet with Martin to organize an online list of attendees and boats.



    Next meeting Thursday 6th August downstairs in Clancys to finalize all plans for the Blackwater Cruise. 



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