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    Meeting Minutes - 2nd April 2015

    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club 

    8pm, 2nd April 2015


    Apologies: Martin, Adrian, Laurance, Joan, Edward,

    Attendance: Pierce, Catriona, Bob, Jack, Patrick, Jack Buttimer, Connor, Shane, Finbarr.

    Gp 14 Possibility of a meeting tomorrow evening with Norman to discuss the event.

    Severe lack of Communication about the event !!!!
    Norman to setup a base at the Ferry Point, Laurance has ok'd the use of Kenny Lane for a meeting on Friday at 8pm, to discuss the GP14 event. The e-mail from Norman to Youghal Sailing Club was read out. This e-mail will be put up on the Facebook Page. Some requirements for the event ie. Sail specifications etc should be printed and brought so as you can be thought to get the best from your sails.

    This information should have been sent out WELL in advance so people would have had time to prepare....

    Wayfarer Tommy Curtin has agreed to give it to YSC, on receipt of a letter requesting it.
    John Innes has a main sail for the Wayfarer we think.

    Adrian or Edward are to sort out the 420's The 420's need some work and we are looking for people to repair them...
    The 420's might need sanding..... If they do it is Important that they are brought OUTSIDE...

    We will discuss the AGM at a later meeting We don't have any Calendar of events..

    David Stanton brought up in the Dail the possibility of a marina in Youghal. The Municipal Councle have agreed to put money towards the proposal of Youghal Sailing Club's proposal for the Slob Bank.

    Patrick has encouraged the youth in YSC to make an attempt to sort out the 420's next week as they are on Easter Holidays. If work is not started then the boats will be Recycled.. In the DUMP...

    The meeting tomorrow Friday 3rd April is being organised by Laurance Lee.. The meeting was adjourned.. Safety Boats 2 boats one John Innes, one Gavin Tivy.

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