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    Meeting Minutes - 26th February 2015

    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club 

    8pm, 26th February 2015


    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer, Finbarr Buckley, Joan Coyne, Martin Finn,  Juniors: Finn O'Brien, Edward Coyne, Jack Buttimer, Shane Buckley, Adrian Lee, Jack Nolan, Bob White, Connor Hennessey, Jordan

    PB and FB updated the meeting with the flag day total of €1665.82 a great result and thanks against to all that helped and contributed. FB said that the Club account balance is now just over €2,200. This is a good start, but its disappointing that the School event and its publicity, and the Flag Day has not elicited a single new member. There were many conversations and words of intent, but these have not turned into members.

    MF raised the popular issue of part time membership for the summer. This was again debated, but the plain fact is that we are limited by facilities and boats and do not have them for new starters or part time members. What is needed is to get all sail boat owners, or those that have access to a boat to join - this must be our target. 

    PB updated the meeting on Insurance issues. We cannot insure the Whale on its mooring. Kenny's lane has been agreed for the Thursday Evening meetings and our on shore course should being just after Easter.

    Well done Shane in sourcing the Fireball donation. But refurbishment costs may be prohibitive. Shane, Ed and Larry to test the mast and rigging and make a recommendation of what to do with it.

    PB to take forward the planning application for the Portacabin on the pierhead. Everyone to key an eye and ear open for anyone with a secure portacabin bargain. Jack and Jordan to help with the planning application.

    AGM date is targeted at the 20th March - objective to get new members from existing boating community. 

    PB to make application to Youghal 4 All our entry into St Patricks Parade

    Shane and Finbarr to organise club boats for parade. T-Shirts are needed.

    MF to check out costs for Big Flags and Bunting

    PB talked of lack of funds and set a limit or €250 for St Patricks day materials - and again our objective is to get new members from our community, and preferably people with access to their own boat.

    PB to invite ISA to one of our meeting to hear what they can offer to help us.

    PB to write to Tommy Curtin to have the Wayfarer signed over to Youghal Sailing Club from Youghal Bay Boat Club.

    LL spoke about GP14 events and upcoming event in Youghal at Easter. AL to send details to MF to publicise, and also all other events for our own calendar of what we are doing this year and when.

    AOB : FB suggested that YSC Facebook channel is only used for official business, all agreed, and PB added that this should only be between the hours of 9am-9pm.

    Next Meeting is on Monday for a de-brief, venue and time to be confirmed.


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