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    Meeting Minutes - 2nd February 2015

    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club


    7.30pm, 2nd February 2015

    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer, Joan Coyne, Martin Finn, Shay O’Brien, Juniors: Finn O'Brien, Edward Coyne, Jack Buttimer, Shane Buckley, Adrian Lee, Conor Hennessy, Jack Nolan, Larry Lee, Bob White

    Apologies: Finbarr Buckley,



    PB: Reminded all that sub of €2 were due from all. All paid save for Connor and Bob - to be paid next week.


    PB: Quickly updated that Tesco, flag day and other fund raisers have not yet been agreed.

    MF: Undated the meeting with news of external funding sources. Cork county council has 3 funds that will require applications by 27th February - MF to investigate further. MF has also approached RYA and has found that Lottery Funding is currently forzen, but is administered by ISA in Ireland. MF suggested that the ISA come and meet the committee.


    The date to hold a membership drive at pobalscoil is set as 13th February, a week on Friday.


    All members to concentrate on what contribution they can make for that day. Jack Nolan to draw up a plan of action for the day.


    MF to work up some easily printed flyers


    MF and the Internet Group to work on the website too.


    Need to have our ‘lines’ well understood, and know what we are offering. JC commented that she repeatedly answers the same questions. JC to note these down as they are our FAQ’s


    Long discussion about what we will really be doing this year and can offer new members. Particularly those that can’t sail and don’t have a boat.


    It was decided that we are not a training organisation. But we have a duty to safety and need to ensure that we promote safety always. Therefore new members (all members) will be encouraged to attend a shore based course that happens before the season. Non sailors should all complete this before they go sailing in a club event.


    LL will work up a 6 week introduction to sailing shore based course and that this will run over late April until June, interspersed with other shore based safety and skills sessions, including RNLI and Coastguard.


    Long debate over which logo to select. Whittled down to two basics, with a boat or a Whale. - MF to work up both and put it to a vote.


    The meeting was closed.

    Next meeting 7.30pm next Monday.

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