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    Meeting Minutes - 22nd January 2015

    Minutes of the meeting of

    Youghal Sailing Club


    7.30pm, 22rd January 2015

    Attendees: Patrick Buttimer,Finbarr Buckley, Joan Coyne, Martin Finn, Juniors: Finn O'Brien, Edward Coyne, Jack Buttimer, Shane Buckley, Adrian Lee, Conor Hennessy



    PB: Reinforced the fact that all consent forms for Juniors ( they are available to download from the website) must be completed and handed into FB


    PB: Agreed to go pay €10 per meeting to use the Youghal For All, Kenny’s Lane address for future meetings. €2 subs may be asked for meetings attendants. Keys to be cut (PB) and proof of insurance supplied to Youghal For All (FB).


    FB updated the meeting that we have around €500 in the bank, after insurance premiums have been paid. PB told the meeting that we will need circa €5,000 to get the club going, as we have big expenses to train our instructors. We will need to spend some money to market ourselves and for fundraising.


    JC updated the meeting on fundraising. She has asked about ‘Blue Chip’ availability and bag packing chances at Tesco and SuperValue. They have both to revert to her, but dates would not be imminent.


    It was generally agreed that a Flag Day would be a more immediate chance to raise funds. We will need permission from the Gardai (FB) and from Tesco (JC). MF suggested that if we had a rigged boat at Tesco it might add to the Flag Day and turn it into a membership promotion opportunity. PB pencilled in Feb 14th as the ideal day that we should try for.


    MF suggested a theme of ‘Get on Board’ which we might use as rallying call and on flyers, stickers etc that will be needed.


    MF asked whether there might be chance up at the school to hand out flyers, and maybe have a rigged boat, on Friday 13th … FB to ask.


    PB asked about what was needed for instructor training. Its a vital part of our plans and we need to be able to fund it. PB (with AL) to find out all costing a timing details. Adrian, Connor, Edward, Shane and Jack are potential trainee candidates and need to ensure that they have checked their pre-qualification status.


    PB asked MF to investigate funding sources for new clubs are there programs we can tap into.


    MF suggested Donations and Auctions as a source of money. Its likely that much sailing gear, boating equipment and even boats are lying idle in the area. We should look at ways to encourage donations and then sell or use what we are given - by Facebook (MF / AL)


    MF to draw up a letter (or two) to encourage donations and sponsors.


    A table quiz is also a popular funding source. FB to check of the availability of Clancy’s for 20th Feb - FB


    MF to write to Kinsale Sailing Club to seek their support and also to Motorboat owner magazine.


    AL to draw up a list of all boats owned by members


    There was debate about how to treat ‘summer members’ or temporary members. They could be source of funds, but we have capacity issues, there are also insurance and PB pointed out that the club primarily for the local members. JC to check on what other clubs are doing.


    PB to print out the logo ideas and we debate and decide next week so that we can proceed with flyers and stickers.


    MF to meet with the Web interest group (Shane, Jack B and Edward) at his home Saturday 31st Jan, at 11am.


    The meeting was closed.

    Next meeting 7.30pm next Thursday.

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