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    Sailing Summer Camps

    We probably get asked about Summer Camps more than everything else we do, and we'd love to say that we are offering a Summer Camp program ... but we can't. And we are really sorry. We just can't offer Summer Camps, not this summer at least.

    We are such a new Club, and we are building from the ground up. We've had great support from the Community of Youghal but the town has no premises or facilities that we can use; so we are having to start from scratch. So for now, the boats we are using are owned by our members, insured by them and stored and moored by them. Without spare boats, somewhere to store them and a base to call our own, we are not (yet) in shape to welcome temporary members or Summer Camps.

    We really hope that we can offer a Summer Camp program in the future - maybe even in 2016.

    What we can offer is a full membership, an Annual Membership. Most members have their own boats, but not all. Sailing is a life skill, it takes time to become proficient, safe and confident. Annual members buy themselves some extended time to start learning the ropes - and having some fun!



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