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    Youghal Sailing Club members are getting ready to participate in the Moby Dick Festival Sailing Race. It's a prize race taking place during the Moby Dick Festival in Youghal and is open to all sailors* and boats* from near and far. The course will be set on the day based on weather conditions, and we hope to make it easy for supporters to see and cheer from the Quay Side.

    Race begins from Nealons Quay at 4.30pm on Sunday 31st May. All Entrants should be in the area from 1pm onwards and preferably launched and ready to sail from 3.30pm. All entrants must have a completed Entrance Form.


    * NB : Conditions apply. Please read and complete the Entrance Form



    sailing club at st patricks parade youghal 2015Wow what a turnout. The St. Patrick's Day parade this year has to be the biggest yet. Before we started moving we felt as if the whole town
    was in the Parade and that there would be no-one left to watch. How wrong were were. The crowd was there in force and at times it was hard to move through the throng. 

    We put on a great show, with three boats decked out and trailed along the route, with a group of members walking (and jogging) alongside dispensing sweets as they went. A very happy day for all.


    Our first Club Boat. A kind donation by Mark Cassidy of Dalkey. And well done Shane Buckley who scoured the internet and found her. Shane is seen inspecting our first boat, she's sure to need some work but hopefully she'll soon be on the water here in Youghal.

    We'd like to learn more about your interest in Youghal Sailing Club, or Sailing in general, or whatever it was that brought you to our website. We are a new and growing, club so learning this kind of information is valuable to us. However you can be assured that this form does not record any of your personal details, its simply and anonymous poll.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Thanks to everyone who gave their time and energy to make our Flag day happen; members and friends and family we could not have done it without you. And a special thanks to everyone who gave their money, and good wishes to our collectors last Saturday. It was Valentines Day and it was auspicious for us as the people of Youghal shared a bit of love with Youghal Sailing Club.

    We raised nearly 1,700 Euros over the day, and that's a big boost to us as we strive to grow our club and provide some great new facilities in the town.

    One more time .... Thank you! 




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