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    students of Pobalscoil na Tríonóide in Youghal

    It may be unlucky for some, but Friday 13th bought an unexpected surprise for the students of Pobalscoil na Tríonóide in Youghal. Awaiting them as they arrived was the sight of a fully rigged sail-boat surrounded by members of Youghal Sailing Club; the newest sports club in town. 

    "We're here as part of our Membership Drive" said Patrick Buttimer, Club Commodore. "We're starting our activities just after Easter with a shore based sailing safety training course. Safety is a real priority for us, so we want to be sure that any new sailors have joined us before then". 

    The Junior members are a big part of Youghal Sailing Club and they were keen to talk about their sailing adventures with their fellow students. The teaching staff were interested too stopping by to learn more about the Club and the activities planned this year.

    "These students are the future of sailing in our town”. Said Martin Finn Club Secretary. “Some of them already compete in national championships and, who knows, maybe one day it could be the Olympics. But sailing is not just about racing, members will discover the sheer fun of sailing here among friends. Their journey starts today, with our Club."

    The students seemed to agree, showing a lot of interest. For many of them rekindling a link with the sea that is a part of their family's heritage. It some cases its skipped a generation but today’s students are rediscovering the advantages and fun of our fantastic coast.

    Youghal Sailing Club would like to thank the School and all staff for welcoming us and making our event a success.


    Can't join the club? Or just not that into sailing but still want to support us, then why not donate. We need all the help we can get and your cash donation will be gratefully accepted no matter how small.

    Or do you have something else to donate, a gift maybe or something that we can use for our club members, or to sell. We'd love to hear about that too. And we are are always in need of extra sailing gear and equipment. Particularly;

    • Life-jackets of all sorts that are still usable but you may outgrown or are just lying unused. 
    • Wet suits - of all sizes, preferable with long arms and legs, clean and in reasonable condition.
    • Sailing Boats - if you have an unused boat, which can be restored with a small amount of work we'd love to talk to you about using it as a club boat

    Other sailing equipment may also be useful too, although we may have nowhere to store it and so we'll look to sell it and add to the club coffers. If you have anything that you can donate please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Tourism incentive as new sailing club seeks council help to establish base

    Monday, November 17, 2014
    By Christy Parker

    A new sailing club in east Cork is hoping for county council help to establish its own headquarters and boost tourism in the area. The founders of Youghal Sailing Club believe having a base will enable it to exploit the potential of the River Blackwater by providing year-round sport and leisure.

    With interest in maritime activities growing, Youghal has about two dozen teenagers sailing various craft, including GP14s, a small, relatively inexpensive racing boat.

    A group of parents formed the club to provide an organised structure for their children’s interest.

    The club expects to have 50 members from the wider east Cork area by the year end and at least 100 when its membership year officially commences in mid- March. Annual membership fees range from €50 to €150.

    “But we have no headquarters,” said club commodore Patrick Buttimer.

    He said members avail of a single slipway at Nealon’s Quay car park near the town centre where, it was pointed out, sailors “have to change in the back of cars and vans, while de-rigging often infringes on disability parking spaces”.

    The club, he said, would like Cork County Council to designate a section of the car park as a temporary clubhouse and storage area while it establishes itself fully. After that, it would seek council backing to allocate a section of land for a clubhouse, half a mile upriver on a Famine-era construction known as the Slob Bank.

    Patrick said: “A feasibility study has already been conducted at the location as part of Youghal’s ongoing main drainage scheme.”

    The club will present its project to next month’s East Cork Municipal District Council.

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    Youghal Sailing Club needs an official Logo, do you think you can design it? Give it a go.

    People have been asking questions about what the Logo is about, colours, size etc. So here is what we think:

    1. It's about YOUGHAL Sailing Club - so the logo should represent something in or about Youghal.

    2. Colours - We have no preferences but Yellow appears in the GAA, Rugby and the old YSC logos . Tell us why you choose the colours you use.

    3. Size - it should be something that can scale - from a Facebook Profile photo to a full size spinnaker. In reality we need a logo that is easy to see and read at any size

    So please have a go and send us your entries - if you're not in you can't win Entries via our Facebook page or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We called our first meeting last night and outlined our plans. Everyone was keen to progress and so Youghal Sailing Club was officially formed, a Committee Elected and first plans laid. Minutes of the meeting (and all meeting minutes) are posted on this site.

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